Lindberg Park
Lindberg Park
We are the Neighborhood Association for Lindberg Park in Culver City California


Lindberg Park Neighborhood Association

Residents of Lindberg Park are self-organizing to create an official neighborhood association to support the overall safety, community and well-being of the Lindberg Park neighborhood through community awareness, engagement and action. The next general meeting is SUNDAY OCTOBER 6, 2019 @ 4:30p in the Stone House.


Our Committees

We have several active committees to lead and monitor particular issues.  Whenever a new topic comes up, the board usually forms a committee.

All Lindberg Park residents are encouraged to participate in and/or lead a committee.


Neighborhood Watch

Committee founded 40+ years ago and dedicated to safety and disaster preparedness for Lindberg Park residents.


Committee responsible for maintaining emergency supplies and creating the disaster plan of action for the neighborhood.


Committee responsible for working with Culver City public works on traffic and lighting improvements in Lindberg Park.

lindberg park visioning

Committee created to inform and facilitate Lindberg Park visioning and input into the Culver City General Plan Update.

SOCIAL engagement

Committee in charge of planning, organizing and producing neighborhood-wide social events like the 4th of July parade/party.



Committee created to welcome new residents and maintain neighborhood communications like website and newsletter.


Our Residents

We are creating a record of Lindberg Park residents. In a major disaster such as an earthquake, our community will rely on our own resources until help can arrive from police, fire, etc. We need residents to complete a profile per household to identify skills and resources we have within our community.



homes in our community

From Overland to Jefferson and Ocean to Dobson Way, we are a community of 450+ homes.




Register your family in our records to improve communications and emergency planning.



generations span our neighbors

With our eldest 95-yr-old resident and newborns welcomed nearly every year, we share four generations among us.


Lindberg Park News

Keep up with the neighborhood and city news and announcements in the Lindberg Park News section.

Have something to share? Submit your announcement via the Contact Us form HERE.


Get Involved

The Lindberg Park Neighborhood Association is for and by the residents, so get involved! Let’s mobilize to improve our neighborhood, make change for future generations, and build stronger relationships with the community around us. Here’s how to get started.



Committees lead initiatives and progress that are most important to our neighborhood. Take action and join today.

Create your resident profile

Help us keep you informed and prepared. Register your household contact information via the Resident Profile Form.